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How Did You Break Your Glencairn Today Thread

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On 9/30/2016 at 0:30 PM, garbanzobean said:

The brandy snifter really was not alcohol related.

I also had a sober brandy snifter incident the other night, although mine exploded rather than imploded.


My kitchen is very narrow, so we've installed dish drying racks above the sink to save space. My roommate and I are both diligent about cleaning dishes but less good about putting away the clean ones, so they tend to pile up before one of us has had enough and puts everything where it belongs. I was washing a pan and realized the rack was completely full, so I started putting dishes away to make space. I grabbed a couple plates from the lower rack (which is about head-high) and hiding in the pile of clean dishes was my roommate's mini brandy snifter. As soon as I pulled the plates, the damn thing tumbled out of the rack like someone had tossed it at me. I did a move akin to what a pitcher does to dodge/catch a comebacker, and while I was able to avoid getting hit in the face, I could not save the snifter. It was just out of my grasp, hit the ground, and broke into a seemingly infinite number of pieces.


On the bright side, I know what to get my roommate for Christmas.

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I reached over the one I didn't want for the one I wanted.  While pulling it out of the cabinets 'second row', I clipped the top of the  rejected one in the 'first row'. 


That look on my face as I watched it fall out onto the countertop and break into 20 pieces... priceless, I'm sure!  :lol:

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Just broke one doing the dishes. Just barely slipped out of my hand and cracked on a plate. You can never have enough Glencairns.

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