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Report on Some Old-School Canadian Whiskies

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The Black Tot

Love that they don't seem to be planning to water them down to 40%. Would prefer 50% to 45%, but baby steps.

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The Lot 40 12yo CS is at the top of that list for me as well. I didn't care for the regular Pike Creek port finished product, though I'm not sure if that would really bear any resemblance to a 21yo single-malt-finished version anyways.

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Oh my...CS 12yo Lot 40 sounds like a dream! Given that the current NAS 43% expression of Lot 40 is about $29, that bodes well for the CS version's price.


It's contemporaries that I'm aware would be WP 10yo CS, which is generally in the $85 range (and so good!), or the astounding WPBH 12, 13 or 14yo which is now in the $260 range, after initially being about $145 for the 12yo.


But I bet CSL40 is closer to the $75 range. I'll happily pay that and more if necessary. 

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A little late to the conversation, but I'm in for a case of cask strength Lot 40. This has some amazing potential.

One of my favorite available ryes on the market that is really unappreciated.


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