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George Dickel 9, 14, SBR, BS

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This weekend we had a Dickel tasting. We had the 14 year old Hand selected barrel from the Dickel gift shop, the 9 year old Hand selected barrel from TPS, the Special Barrel Reserve 10 year old and the Barrel Select.

The 14 year old had a deep flavor with lots of oak at the front. The honey/vitamin taste comes through on the finish that lasts quite a while.

The 9 year old started out pretty hot which surprised me. After about 5 minutes sitting in the glass the heat dissipated and it was more subdued. Really nice Dickel flavor with more oak than the 12 but definitely not as much as the 14. This was very balanced and after the hotness died down was a really nice pour

The Special Barrel Reserve 10 year was the spiciest out of all of them. There was a definite rye prominence which really surprised me. A little sweetness at the end but this tasted the least like the classic Dickel.

The Barrel select was the sweetest of all of them. Almost too sweet. The honey/vitamin taste was really at the forefront on this one.

The 14 year old was my favorite because of the oakiness but the balanced nature of the 9 was a close second. The Special Reserve was OK but kind of unexpected and the barrel select with the sweetness was the least favorite

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Great notes and thanks for sharing,I look forward to grabbing a 9yr. and 14yr.soon myself,I also wholly agree that the BS is overdone and overly sweet with a lingering vitamin throughout the finish that dominates the entire profile.

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