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Bulleit Rye

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The Good Sir
The WFEs are definitely my favorite of the MGPI Ryes available. But Bulleit is my 2nd fav. I like the tingly minty/herbal character. I find that the first pour from the bottle is a mint bomb - like a freshly opened pack of Wrigley's Doublemint. Later in the bottle, after aeration and evaporation I get sweeter flavors and a distinct lavender note. Some people around here describe a pickle juice thing, but I don't ever taste the sourness I'd associate with that note. The lavender sweetness is full on in the WFE.

I've tried to like Dickel Rye, but it always comes up a bit short for me. I find the flavors a bit duller, more muddled.

This is exactly how I would describe Bulleit Rye. I usually make a cocktail with it, but last night decided to drink it neat (few drops of water). Loved it. Perhaps it is because I've been blowing through Willet 2 year Rye like it's my last day on earth which is also minty/herbal, I've developed an affinity for earthy rye. I've not tried Dickel Rye yet. I will probably pick up a bottle this weekend.

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