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My Cigar Poem

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Off with the cellophane,

peel off the band.

A long silky cigar,

rests in the hand.

Out with the cutter,

snip off the cap.

A sniff down the barrel,

this'll be a fine chap.

Relax in a soft-chair,

with a drink on the porch.

Whip out the lighter,

fire up the torch.

Embers all aglow,

as you toast up the foot.

Developing some ashes,

creating some soot.

Take a puff from the stogie,

held back with the lips.

Contemplate the whiskey...

all your future sips.

Open your mouth and

exhale with ease.

Fragrant thick perfume,

gone with the breeze!

To my newfound friends in Bourbonia: Cheers!

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Stogies and bourbon will definately put a song in a mans heart. . .


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