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Rye whiskey growth by the numbers...

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"Since 2009, rye whiskey sales volumes have grown 536 percent, from 88,000 9-liter cases to 561,000 cases in 2014.

Revenue from those sales rose at an even steeper rate during that period, going from $15 million in 2009 to more than $106 million in 2014, the release said."


(I think that $106M is still a tiny drop in the bucket of whiskey sales, so rye still has a huge way to run. As a bourbon drinker but not rye, it'd be nice if some demand moved from bourbon to rye, but I have a feeling rye is a purchase in addition to bourbon.)

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Aha!! I knew I'd seen some of the numbers in the article below somewhere else. This is from a "spirits" writer for the Washington Post whose column appears in the "Food" section where Jason Wilson used to appear. She went to Tales of the Cocktail in July and report on what she heard about "rye" here. She also includes some comments from Derek Brown who is known around WashDC as one of the persons responsible for cocktail resurgence here. There's probably not a lot that we don't know, but it is nice to get a refresher now and then.


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I'd love to see some numbers on the production side of the ramp up.

But we've been told it's happening. MGP, BT, HH, and Willett are CRANKING it out. I'm totally out of touch with what's going on North of the border, but hopefully they're increasing their output too.

Fortunately in my opinion rye becomes good at ~5yrs and great between 6-8yrs so there shouldn't be nearly as much production lag as waiting for 12yr+ bourbons.

Not that I'd deny the elegance of a 13yr VWFRR or a Saz18...

Now if we can just convince 4R to consider a rye now that they're getting some fancy new stills and rackhouses...

Waiting for SA's stocks to recover, myself.

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