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15 hours ago, quazi said:

I would definitely rent a car.  I think relying on a driver would have driven me crazy.  Book early especially if you are going during the high season of Jan to June.   Book earlier if you need an automatic.   My lack of French skills was never a big issue.  Where it really counted, at the airport and when checking into my resort, there were english speakers, but otherwise it was hit or miss.  Again it was never an issue.


I stayed on the southeast(atlantic) side of the island which I would  not do again.  It was convenient enough and everyone was friendly but the beaches were not the best on this side.  I would stay on the southwest side specifically in the Trois Ilet area.   Unless you have something specific to do in Fort De France I would stay on a beach.   The highway system was pretty smooth and  I think Trois ilet or a similar beach locale would be a good jumping off point for exploring without the heavier traffic in Fort De France.  


The bulk of vacationers rent a house for their stay and hotels and resorts seemed second tier choices for most.  During my search most home rentals seemed pretty reasonable in comparison to hotels etc.  Unfortunately I can't give any real guidance on accommodations.


Thanks for the advice. Decided to take a cruise of sorts so my time in Martinique will probably be limited to a day or so. Will try to make at least one distillery visit, maybe two, and then hit the super market if I can. But I hope to go back for an extended stay at some point in the future to stay just on Martinique and maybe Guadeloupe.

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