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BOTM 6/16: Booker's

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I ended up getting the first 6 bottles in the new Booker's batched bottles. I opened them all and have a bit of each ever now and then. I had forgotten how much I enjoy drinking Booker's.

I have always liked the higher proof stuff and I took this for granted over the last couple years. I'm now back on the Booker's wagon and liking it.

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On July 27, 2016 at 11:37 PM, b1gcountry said:

Joe, I know it is bourbon of the month, but if we opened it up to rye too, we'd instantly have like 50 extra bottles we could add to the rotation. Just a thought.


Ditto. I was about to post same suggestion. I look forward to this thread and as a relatively new member I always learn something. I certainly appreciate the effort, Joe, but don't sweat it so much that it becomes too much. Always good to focus on a particular whiskey. 

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