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Booker's 2017-03 Front Porch Batch

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^^^^^what's with the TABC sticker?


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On 1/9/2018 at 4:22 PM, mortre said:

I have a feeling we may be calling different flavors the "funk". Whatever it is I don't get it out of OGD114 or Basil Hayden's, but I did get it strongly out of KC9 year. I actually quite enjoyed the KC9, until I swallowed and that Beam flavor followed.


What ever it is it makes me hitch a little and turns my stomach...


That said I might try a bottle of the JB 12y/o just to see.


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Yeah possibly, to be honest it's been a while since I had the regular KC9 on its own. I had some tonight but it was in an old fashioned at a bar so it was hard to pick out flavors.

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10 hours ago, Patrick_OKC said:

^^^^^what's with the TABC sticker?


I had it at a restaurant. TABC is the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission. I'm not sure what purpose the sticker serves but all bottles at bars and restaurants have them in Texas. I took a picture because I enjoyed the batch and wanted to try to find the same one at a store. I didn't even realize when I ordered it that they were high proof and I still didn't realize it after tasting it! Whe I looked at the bottle and saw the proof I was pleasantly surprised. 

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