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Michters US1 Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey *Tasting Notes*

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I have been trying to find this bourbon since around last October after trying the new Michter's US1 Unblended American Whiskey and liking it. I was told it would be out in 04' and sure enough, during a visit to LeNell's 2 weeks ago it arrived! In-between opening this bottle and that Michter's US1 Unblended American Whiskey I had a bottle of Michter's 10 year old Single Barrel Bourbon and was disappointed so I was nervous but thankfully the (new) Michter's name has redeemed itself.

Name: Michter’s Single Barrel US1 Straight Rye Whiskey 4 Years Old

Info: Michter’s Barrel 4A-R5.

Distillery: Bottled by Michter’s American Whiskey Co. Bardstown, KY

Cost: $25.50 at LeNell’s in Brooklyn NY.

Proof: 84.8 Proof, (42.4% Alcohol by Volume).

Bottle: Rather nice and unique looking bottle with a thick flared neck around the wood topped cork. Same bottle is used in bottling Michter’s US1 Unblended American Whiskey. Also, see photo below.

Color: This one was a little deceiving. In the bottle it appears significantly darker then once poured into a glass. In the bottle it has a dark amber hue with contrasting yellow effects but once poured it is generically yellow.

Body: A little on the thin side; It is lower proof than what I am usually accustomed to so that may add to its ‘thinness’. Rather then the drips fading away nicely after some swirling, they faded into spots.

Nose: Well, you can tell that it is a rye as some of the more traditional bourbon components are not present. This is different than Sazerac or Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye in that I do not get a ‘soft subtle’ bouquet. It’s not bad or overpowering by any means, it just has more of a traditional rye nose. Nice though, I like it.

Taste: It’s got a bit of bite to it that’s for sure. A bit more pungent than I am used to in a rye but then again I am comparing it to Sazerac and VWFR Rye which I find to be more pleasant and mild. Still though, knowing it is a rye and expecting some spiciness I still like it. Not to sound fruity, but last night I thought I tasted something like lilac or lavender for a split second. It was dogmatic and well rounded.

Finish: Methanol. Yeah that’s a good word to describe it!

Overall: For the price point and it being a new product I was pleased with it. I have heard from several other people that the 10 year Michter’s Single Barrel Rye is very nice, but I have yet to try it. After having this new 4 year variant I will definitely make purchasing a bottle of the 10 year a to do. I am usually not a fan of heavily ryed bourbons because I do not care for a lot of spiciness. That leads me to not care for rye’s that often such as Jim Beam rye or WT Rye so I lean towards Sazerac and VWFR Rye. But this bottling is a perfect median right in the middle of the frenzy.


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Thanks for the notes. That sounds like it would be worth trying. Any similiarities with the Michters and say, Jim Beam Rye or WT Rye?


I don't find it to be as spicy and bold as the WT Rye and Jim Beam Rye but not as 'soft' and palatable as the VWFR Rye and Sazerac Bob... It kind of stands its own right in the middle of the other 4 in my opinion.

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I just shake my head sometimes. One can see the name, but does the name reflect what is in the bottle? Is the RYE whiskey in that bottle a "wanna be" hopeful of my Uncle Everett's Rye whiskey?

Another note...Who is this disilled by? Geezzzzzzzzzz...I wonder who?...

Hey, we could band together, this board is as knowledgeable as any in the industry. We could pick out our own barrels, go through the red tape and presto! This is our whiskey...We really could...

I've seen "No Face" labels coming down the line a time or two. The first time I saw one, I hollered "fronts" meaning to pull the bottle, there is no face label on it. I found out later, that it was being shipped to someone, (?) and they were going to put their "face" label on it. Shoot far, I have had special labels made for my friends that states that this is bottled especially for (Jim Butler)... That's driftin' "off topic" to the extreme...Back to the subject...

When I hear reference's like that is (Joe Blow's) whiskey...it just "Sets" me...In my opinion, it ain't their's (by my definition). Knowing about the trade is one thing, but it ain't thier's until they acutally make it. They just bought it that's all.

I realized this, on a very long visit with Craig one day. I drilled him and drilled him, it's incredible the skill and knowlege it takes to be a distiller. Until you reach his level and can produce the product, it just whiskey that someone bought and bottled for themself.

Good strategy, using the Michter's name. Hoping to ride a wave, of long ago fame.

blush.gifgrin.gifblush.gif Burning the bridges behind me blush.gifgrin.gifblush.gifgrin.gif

grin.gifgrin.gif Bettye Jo grin.gifgrin.gif

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I realize it's been over a year since this was posted, but wonder about the "4 year" designation. My recently purchased bottle says barrel "4A-R4" but also "matured at least thirty-six months" then "further mellowed by our signature filtration." Is this what everyone else has been referring to as 4-year? Has there been a change?

I pretty much agree with the tasting notes. Actually, right now I'm alternating it with Old Overholt and WT Rye. In that company, it actually gets a little lost. It's the middle of the road one, accentuating the Overholt's earthiness and the WT's spice and proof. I guess that means it's balanced.

Has anyone figured out who made this stuff?


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According to their website, http://www.michters.com it appears to be at least 4 years old. Maybe someone on here will send an e-mail to the address at the bottom of the page to find out more about these guys.

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