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Twin Valley Distillers

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Located in Rockville, MD. Found this place a few years ago when I was looking for something interesting to do for a guys get together before my son was born. I bought a bottle of his single cask bourbon beforehand just to get to know his product.
Edgardo Zuniga owner/ master distiller is a chef who jumped into the world of spirits. He makes everything from vodkas, gin, rum, whiskeys and liqueurs. Considering the range of what he is producing, everything I’ve tasted is great.
Now specifically for the bourbons, he has the 1812 which a rye small batch, Gran Thoroughbred which is a wheated single cask, and Maryland Whiskey Co. is a rye bourbon single cask. He also does have a straight bourbon they released last year but last time I was there it was not available.
He also has a 4 grain double cask rye. This is my favorite of his whiskeys. I believe it’s 70% rye.
Pricing directly from the distillery is $34 for all the whiskeys and bourbons. Some of his stuff can be found in the Montgomery County liquor stores which is the county he is located but prices are better at the distillery and has all his offerings. His stuff can also be found in other MD counties stores that are not controlled.

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