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Future FourSquare releases

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I was visiting with the local distributor of 4S the other day.  He said a new release in the Exceptional Cask Series should land this spring.  He expected the price point to be back in the $60s.  


Of greater interest was that 4S has a huge glut of aged rum.  In 2021, there is talk of releasing a new ECS every couple months...


Again, this is coming from the distributor, who is himself a big 4S fan, but it hasnt been announced officially thru any channels I'm aware of.

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I'm eager to continue to enjoy their releases, but I hope they don't saturate the market with their product.

The next ECS is a straight ex-bourbon cask maturation, I'd expect it to be a little less costly compared to the multi-cask maturations they've done the last few releases.

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