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Broken Spirits says it can make top-shelf whiskey in a few days


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Harry in WashDC

Oh boy.  A new product in a bottle not unlike Hudson Baby Bourbon Whiskey's.  I can put a bottle of this with one shot consumed next to my HBBW with one shot consumed.  In my bunker out of sight, of course.  To remind me . . .


Tuthilltown tried accelerating aging with its honeycomb staves circa 2012, and the comments on SB were not favorable.  Some micros tried it with small (down to five liter) barrels which elicited similar comments.   Some SBers have experimented with this as "additional aging" of already aged bourbon with some success, or so I am told.  I also recall a discussion on SB about some company with a name like Telluride or Terrarium Terrazzo or some such that said it had a proprietary process for extracting barrel essence and mixing it with new make.  While I found SB discussions of the honeycomb staves (and a frank opinion penned by Paul Elliott whom I still miss late at night) and multiple small barrel experiments,  I couldn't find the T_____ discussion.


AND, does this differ from Beam's steaming barrels to bottle Devil's Cut?


OTOH, I am now intrigued.:ph34r:

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I compare this to cooking your Thanksgiving meal in a microwave.

Stuff like this was made to sell, not drink.

We already have Fireball, and some other products, for people that want that sort of experience.

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17 hours ago, tanstaafl2 said:

They are mistaken.

I might go so far as saying that they are "lying" versus "mistaken".

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