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How do Underberg, Fernet-Branca, etc. help you, if at all?

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On several occasions after large meals, I've had some Fernet-Branca as an attempt at obtaining some relief.  I've never noticed it changing my fullness.  During the first half dozen trials, I found it disgusting.  Now, I find it pleasant, slightly sweet and minty/herbaceous.  I've never  tried Underberg.  How do Underberg, Fernet-Branca, other digestifs. help you, if at all?

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For me, Fernet-Branca is a great control mechanism-- killing off my palate and ending my alcohol intake for the night so I'll be able to function early the next morning. It's the National Anthem to my drinking day.


Underberg, on the other hand-- is an effective digestif and works great for me (and my wife) in that respect. They are intentionally vague as to how it works-- but it could be your body reacting to the bitter components as poison and wanting to eliminate them. On weekends I'll typically have one prior to bed and then in the morning mixed with F-B or Cognac with coffee.


I'm not much of an eater, so I really can't judge its effect on a "large meal."

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