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New bottle sizes for spirits sold in U.S. approved

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Jazz June

Four new bottle sizes for spirits sold in the U.S. have been approved: 700mL, 720mL, 900mL, and 1.8L. See: https://public-inspection.federalregister.gov/2020-28747.pdf


The 700mL size is now approved for both the U.S. and EU markets. Will U.S. producers move to 700mL bottles for domestic products?


The other three sizes were supported by Japanese trade associations, so without further research, I am assuming those are sizes approved in Japan. But I believe 700mL bottles are also approved in Japan (for example, Wild Turkey 13 bottle for Japanese market is 700mL). If that is correct, 700mL is acceptable in all of these major markets for whiskey (I wonder if 700mL is allowed in India as well), so it would seem that a bottle size of 700mL (and associated bottling line) would be the most efficient for a whiskey producer. Also, I wonder if in the short term it would pad the U.S. bottom line, as I doubt many would drop their prices upon introduction of the 700mL size as a replacement for the 750mL.

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Wanna bet how many Distillers make a 700ml but still charge the 750ml price?


I don’t! 

I would guess it might be awhile until all the stock of 750ml bottles are used up but I suspect we eventually won’t see a 750 ml bottle much at some point in the future. Probably a similar fate awaits liter bottles. 

I would like to have seen 500 ml bottles get approved but apparently industry didn’t want this because it wasn’t approved and they are apparently driving the train here.


I suspect that in the end it is the consumer that will likely get screwed.


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1 hour ago, PaulO said:

Bring back the quart!

Or, at least the liter.

How bout the old gallon? Hey, they may as well throw in its cradle too.  😮


Biba! Joe

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The only encouraging thing I see here is the 1.8L.  700mL will become the new 750 and 900 the new 1L.  As was mentioned, I see much price gouging coming our way.  Really disappointing.  

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