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Having fun with glencairne

B.B. Babington

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B.B. Babington

Of course I've used glencairns for almost 2 decades.  Most of mine embossed with some fancy logo I like.  My favorite, used most often, is Old Forester Prohibition anniversary.  Though I used and enjoyed them, in back of mind didn't want to lose them.  I just bought dozen for next to nothing on ebay so drinks gone wild.  The cordials glasses I normally use for side-by-side and for measuring what I drink are great, they do give good nose and etc.  But I've gone crazed with the cheap glencairns.  Lose one, so what.  Enjoying different nose and feel for familiars and unfamiliar.  Very different flavors coming forward.  Tonight pulled out AAA and Barton, somewhat different.  Perhaps a problem is unmeasured pour which I've now approached with reckless abandon.  So ... if I quit posting, anybody up for posting bail?

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Are the ebay ones good to the sight and feel.? 

Any different from the ones on the Glencairn website ? 


I have been shopping, but think I may like the Glencairn Canadian better to fit my face. 

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I have numerous Glencairns. Most are embossed, but I have to say that my favorite ones aren’t, and are of the old glass variety. The Glencairns that have been made for many years now are all crystal. I must confess that I’ve broken at least a couple of those. 🙄 The two glass Glencairns I have I bought at an estate sale  just a couple of blocks from my house for the outrageous price of $1.00 each. I love my glass ones for a couple of reasons. One reason is they feel just a little better in my hand. Probably the slight added weight from being made of glass. The second reason is that they’ve proven to be extremely durable over the years. By all rights, they should have bit the dust by now. I’ve knocked them over, dropped them in the sink when washing them, and even knocked one off a table at the GN gazebo one night. They’ve been like an old Timex watch. “They take a clinking, and keep on drinking.” 😁 


Biba! Joe

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