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New Project - Replicate Broken Oak

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We're getting ready to try an interesting experiment:


TLDR - see the video at 



In 2016-17 we were sold approximately 80 barrels by a startup cooperage.  Most of the barrels started leaking a few months after they were filled.  As the leaks worsened, we were finally sent replacement barrels.  The replacements leaked, and we parked the double barreled whiskey in the corner of our rickhouse until the litigation settled.  The whiskey turned out AMAZING. 


We couldn't sell it as Heart of Mystic Single Barrel because Heart releases are always single-barrel, cask-strength and the label and type designation will not allow a double-oaked bourbon to be sold under that label.  


We just got 18 barrels from West Virginia Great Barrel Company that are 20 month seasoned oak, medium toast and #4 char.  We're going to drill a series of holes across the heads about 3 inches down to get the whiskey to slowly drip out in a controlled fashion.  After 8 months in the first barrel we're going to rebarrel into similar cooperage and wait about 3.5 years.  Here's hoping we can replicate the awesome product that came from those original defective barrels.  In the meantime, we are doing periodic releases of Broken Oak every few months as we locate great whiskey.


Let us know if you ever want to stop by for a tasting.

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Very cool but also tragic haha.  Thanks for sharing!

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