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Jefferson's Rye Cognac Finish

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B.B. Babington

This one surprised me.  I've had lots of Jefferson's products and many ryes including 25 year old (amazing) and suspect source whistlepig (extremely good).  This label just says high rye aged some then aged again in french oak.  I expected a smooth perhaps complex sip, instead got surprisingly hot with strong limousin.  With the strong limousin I think this is 1st fill.  I think it is complex and will do many more sips to see but initial heat swamps.  Small sips does give unusual flavors before heat hits.  It has an enjoyable longer lasting after.  Okay... it's now more sips and not getting complexity but it is distinctively different from other offerings.


I compared this 94 proof side-by-side 94 proof Elijah Rye.  Elijah much smoother but less interesting.


Some question value, would I take 2 Elijah or 1 Jefferson's?  Well, since I have maybe half dozen Elijah Rye already I'll probably opt for Jefferson's next time I see one.

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I really liked it as well - picked it out of a blind lineup of Rye's that included CEHT, Peerless and Ritenhouse.


Going in the bunker if I can find another.

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