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Old Crow glasses

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So I bought a set of these old glasses today since they hearken back to the proud past of Old Crow.  And I ended up making a Manhattan in one which it does nicely but that suggested the question: "What were these glasses originally intended for?"  7 ounces, just shy of what I'd think is an intended cocktail/rocks glass and tall, 4 3/8 in.  Jenny suggested for water back.  And then I thought beer for shot-and-a-beer night when you're pushing Old Crow for the shot?  Anybody have any opinions/memories of how glasses of this ilk are/were deployed?


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Sorry Mike, but I can’t help with the intended use of your glasses. However, I can share some info on how they might have made their way into circulation. A few years ago we were on our way home from being out and about, when we noticed an estate sale sign just a couple of blocks from our house. We said what the heck, and decided to stop. Wow! Lots of cool stuff. On a table in the garage we’re numerous bar/spirits related items. I picked up a five glass (missing one)  set of Yellowstone glasses, a  six glass set of Glenmore Distillery, Kentucky Tavern glasses, and a “tongue in cheek” Old Croak/ Blot & Wipe floor stand cigar ashtray. According to one family member that was there, their mother had worked in the office of a local liquor distributor for years. The distributor received numerous alcohol related items from distilleries and breweries that were given out to their valued customers. They also gave some of these items out as Xmas presents to their employees. How cool is that?  Maybe not the answer you were looking for, but interesting to say the least.


Biba! Joe

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I would guess the intention would be for a small highball.  I love the vintage barware.  Very cool glass!  My grandfather owned a liquor store and we hung out there as kids in the sixties and early seventies.  The vintage labels and bottles bring back some great memories!!

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Those are some cool glasses.

My first guess was also a small highball, or maybe mint julip.

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