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Coconut Daiquiri (with 80 proof Coconut rum)

Harry in WashDC

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Harry in WashDC

80 proof coconut rum is hard to find.  There are some okay 70 proofers and the syrupy Malibu (42 proof).  Wash DC has two rum distillers, both making an 80 proof.  Cotton & Reed is one, and Todd Thrasher's Rum Distillery is the other.  Todd Thrasher has been inventing cocktails, bitters, etc., since about 2006 when he created drinks for an excellent (now closed) Restaurant Eve.  He also ran PX, nominally a speakeasy upstairs from the Restaurant.  How dedicated was he?  Stop in the restaurant for lunch, and your cocktail likely would be made and delivered to your table by him.


THE DRINK - served in a coupe that has sat in the ice bin for five or so minutes.  It is worth doing this.


2 oz. coconut rum

3/4 oz. (or less) fresh lime juice

1/2 oz. demerara simple syrup

2 dashes pimento bitters (or Angostura)


Put all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake vigourously for 30 seconds.

Strain into a chilled coupe.


Be prepared to TASTE FRESH, RICH COCONUT.  You'll never miss the lack of the extra sugar you get with Malibu.


A Hawaiian company, Koloa, makes an 80 proofer.  The Virginia ABC product sheet says its stores sell Thrasher's and Koloa.  I've not seen the C&R in my Wash DC stores.


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Hey Harry,

How about use a higher proof rum, add your own coconut flavoring in the form of coconut milk or coconut water.  It sounds like a good experiment.  Maybe roll back the sugar too.

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While a coconut daiquiri is probably pretty good, there’s still nothing lick a good ‘ol hickory daiquiri, doc. 🤣


Biba! Joe

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