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"Old Slugger" Pale Ale-Cooperstown Brewing Co., Milford NY

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Given my love for both baseball (Yankees) & beer, a wise man combined my passions to create a 'lineup' that would please any fan.

A few weeks ago, Mark surprised me with a few bottles of beers from the Cooperstown Brewing Co. There are 6 in the collection and each cap is designed to look like a baseball. Each bottle depicts an image of 'vintage' baseball which lured me to want to drink each one. Cooperstown is the home of baseball and I cannot wait to visit again. All bottles are 12 ounces in size. So here goes my first tasting as I watch the NY Subway Series Mets vs. Yankees:

I begin with a nice, cold glass of "Old Slugger." It is a Pale Ale with a golden honey-amber hue and has a little bitterness to start. There is not a whole lot of after-taste, therefore it is quick and crisp. It is also clean and goes well with other American snacks sold at all ballparks--Peanuts and Pretzels yum.gif

For those of you who would like to learn more about their beer visit the

Cooperstown Brewing Co. Homepage. toast.gif


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Ok grin.gif Little Ms. Stacy grin.gif

Jump on a plane bound for Kentucky...Case of "Old Slugger" in hand and we'll head for the Louisville Slugger Park...Then...the new Waterfront Park. We'll finish the night off at the warf, supper at Joe's Crab Shack...then... "float" the Ohio, on the Belle of Louisville?...

grin.gifgrin.gif Ready grin.gifgrin.gif

grin.gifgrin.gif Set grin.gifgrin.gif

grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif Gooooooooooo grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

Can't wait till Septemeber frown.gifgrin.gif

grin.gifgrin.gif Bettye Jo grin.gifgrin.gif

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Okay, Bettye Jo Iam ready for some good times at all of those places. Sure sounds like some fun and hopefully it will come true (in some 'cases' of beer and locale)! September will be here before we all know it so let the good times roll for us both. Lord knows when NY meets KY, all rules are out the window when it comes to partying... toast.gif

PS: I know Pepsi for my Therese & Erica. cool.gif These days are looked forward all year long. Christmas in September-what can be better? wink.gif

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Stacy and I had tried this brew from the Cooperstown Brewing Co. a few weeks back and forgot all about adding here. Not your typical stout, this one was a bit 'weaker' than most. Not as bold in flavor, it almost seemed watered down a bit. Nonetheless, I still liked it as I tend to like brews, especially some of the darker ones, toned down a bit.


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