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Vatting Whiskey

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Here is an example of a vatted whiskey I just made which I feel is my best ever. Unfortunately I won't be able to duplicate it. I don't keep records of measurements and use guess and go. Sometimes a really good flavor emerges and then I leave it at that.

I took about 10 ounces of Knob Creek. I poured in about 4 ounces Makers Mark, a couple of ounces of Elmer Lee, dashes of Lot 40 and ORVW 13 year old (for more rye depth) and a dash of Jack Daniels to add a very light overlay of its particular candied smokiness.

The result is a very soft whiskey with a gum-drop sweetness and fruitiness. It has very good depth and a sophisticated balance like a a very good cognac.

Anyone who would taste this would admire its flavor. It is a one-off; even if I try again with the same ingredients I may not get close to this particular taste.


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