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That 18 YO Rye from Buffalo Trace

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More dirt on this fabulous whiskey; some good news, some not-so.

First, it will be out in the Spring, and labeled as SAZERAC RYE. They evidently felt that the parent company needed a high-profile line of prestigious whiskies, and more power to 'em.

The good news: available nationwide, not just in KY.

The not-so-good news: They've decided to knock it back to 90 proof, instead of the 110 we sampled at WhiskyFest. I'm not a fiend for high proof whiskey, but when something is THAT SMOOTH and good at high proof, it does not seem smart to me to dilute it. JMO, of course.

I still intend to find a bottle or three.

Lew Bryson

Hirsch Reserve 16 YO: Real Pennsylvania Bourbon

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Hello, Lou. I brought back some of the 18yr Sazerac Rye with me from a recent trip to KY. Along with some of the 12yr Van Winkle and 13yr Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye. I have now had a chance to try all three of them. I rate the 13yr van Winkle Family Reserve as my favorite than the 18ye Sazerac followed by the 12yr Van Winkle. All three are top notch Ryes. And worthy of any top quality liquor cabinet. It's like splitting hairs to say one is lot better than another. I like the Sazerac so much I had to call Ken Weber to try and find out how much they really made and also called the Van Winkle disstillery to check on the 13yr Rye. I have some more of each coming. For the record I was told 289 12 bottle cases of Sazerac were available. It will be bottled again this fall. I also asked about the 17yr Eagle Rare and 19ye Weller. again both were limited bottlings about 200 cases each and again will be bottled this coming fall. On additional calls to my favorite stores in KY. The 17yr Eagle Rare and 19yr Weller are slowly dissapering. Hope this info helps. Creggor.

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