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Tasting with the poker boys

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At poker night with a small group of friends, I decided to bring along the Rittenhouse 100, Sazerac 18yo and the Hirsch 21yo (they're good friends). The only rule I put in place was pour a half shot at a time and try to just sip.

End results for the evening were resoundingly Sazerac 18yo. Rittenhouse came in a somewhat close 2nd. The Hirsch was a definite third. They liked all of them, but really liked the Sazerac.

I asked what they didn't like about the Hirsch and it was pretty much the concensus that they liked it, but they would want it in a much mellower kick back and relax atmosphere. Not that poker night isn't relaxing, we're on our 19th year, every first saturday of the month, same guys.


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