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Rittenhouse Rye 21-year-old

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As you all know (or should) in the flatlands of Nebraska we are very resistant to change. In terms of Bourbon and Rye that means, if they haven't sold it locally in the past, they are not going to on trying to sell anything new or different. So...I have to be very creative and very aggressive in trying to find things. Please don't interpret this into my being stingy or obnoxious, I sincerely hope I am neither and I try very hard not to step on other peoples toes.

That being said, after talking to Bettye Jo and asking her what might be the best way to pursue Rittenhouse 21, she provided me with the information she just posted. Eventually that lead me down a path that got me to an individual that said I was out of luck. Later in the conversation he did say that he thought he would go ahead and buy some for me if I wanted and bring it to Nebraska. If anybody here is interested, PM me. I will warn you straight out that I am not going to get many, and if it's only 2, I may be only able to pass along one, but would be happy to do so and will do whatever I can do. I'm thinking from what he said, I should be hearing from him in about another 30 days.

Keep in mind too, I don't have it and don't know for certain if I'll ever see it. But not through a lack of trying:lol:

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It's been available in Kentucky for over a week now...I didn't (positively) know that till I made a few calls (yesterday)...Toddy's in Bardstown has already sold out.

Bettye Jo

I am in NY and I have now been called by three different stores that I frequent. All of them letting me know it's in. If you want me to pick one up for you,send me a PM. They are going for $140 at every store I can get it AND they are going fast.
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