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Joseph L. Beam

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The attachment is a picture of my grandfather, Harry Milburn Beam (seated on the left) with his dad (seated center, Joseph L. Beam) and his brothers.

Joseph L. was born in 1868. He began work at the age of fourteen in the Early Times Distillery near Bardstown, founded and owned by his uncle , J.H. (Jack Beam).

At nineteen Joseph L. Beam had charge of a distillery for his brother Minor C. Beam at Gethesemani Kentucky. Even at that age the fame of his skill as a distiller had spread. He worked for a number of firms. In those days the distilling plants only operated a few months of the year and Mr. Beam make a "crop" of whiskey for two or more firms in the same year.

And nearly 100 years later when the Gethsemani Distillery warehouses were being torn down his Great-grandaughter (Bettye Jo) would buy that lumber and build the home that I live in today. ----------

Bettye Jo


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