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Hi guys, I recently recieved this from a friend of mine who is part of the volunteer team working to catalogue and display the vast collection of vintage spirit bottles, cocktail recipe books and paraphenalia collected over hundreds of years by Exposition Universelle des Vins et Spiritueux,

a permanent encyclopaedia

of the wine and spirits industry

located on Ile de Bendor in southern France

Towards the end of the catalogue there are large quantities of vintage bourbon whisky and if any of you can help identify some of the more obscure ones or provide some history then please do.

"Hi All

Well we have all been working hard down in the South of France to update the website with new pictures for you all to look at!

Now the thing is we don't just want you to look at the pretty pictures, we need you all to use your amazing knowledge to help us find out what some of these bottles are!

So follow the link:


Have a look at the pretty pictures, find ones you know and tell us about them!!

Oh and feel free to pass the link on to friends, lovers, customers in fact anyone who might be able to help us in our quest!!

Thanks for all your help!

The EUVS Team"

hope you can help,


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