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Beam and Bladders

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According to the Associated Press, Jim Beam's Bullitt County plant is telling workers when to go potty. The plant has reportedly been cited by state officials which is criticizing its new policy. It seems now workers can only go to the bathroom at lunch, and on their one morning and one afternoon break, plus they are each allowed one 'unscheduled' bathroom break. Kentucky's Labor Cabinet says Beam is violating federal law (in a Nov. 2001 citation) but Beam is in the appeals process. Workers have complained that their biological needs and their breaks don't always coincide.

Now don't any of you Bullitt County workers start adding a little extra to any of our bottles!! As much water as I drink, there would be a flood in my work area. crazy.gif

But before we go guffawing over this, the union states that some workers actually have had to start wearing protective undergarments. Workers have been disciplined and one female reported it is embarrassing to have to ask permission but after five 'write-ups' she's one away from losing her job!

Surely the Union and management can find a compromise. The firm claims employees were abusing their breaks before. But just how long can you stand around the bathroom, anyway.

That's the 'industry news' I find today!

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