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Yet Another "Dusty" Thread

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Those of you who have dismissed your upstairs maid due to the financial crisis may be interested in this.

I recently discovered a product that I find very helpful when I need to dust my collection of liquor, most of which sits in the open. It's the Swiffer Duster.

I bought a box of them for routine dusting of furniture in hope of reducing the sneezing attacks I usually get when I stir up the latest accumulation of Arizona topdust. To my surprise they do indeed pick up more dust than other means I've tried, leaving almost none to find its way into my nose.

By coincidence I made a visit to my liquor shelves while that experience was fresh on my mind. Noticing dust on the broad shoulders of my bottle of WT RR 90 and the adjacent bottle of WT KS I decided to give the Swiffer a try.

The results were impressive. A light brushing of the cap of a bottle caused the dust to disappear, apparently locked into the disposable duster. A few more flicks and even the tail-feather creases on the shoulders of the KS bottle were dust-free, at least to my eye.

Within three minutes I had dusted all the bottles I could reach without getting out the step stool, perhaps 40 in all.

And I don't even have the optimum version for this task. When I looked up the website for use in this post, I discovered that the model I have is best suited for mostly flat surfaces. The Swiffer 360° model has dust trappers on all sides, which should make it ideal for poking between bottles arrayed in rows.

I suggest you pick up a carton and see for yourself. You (or Fifi, if she's still on the household payroll) will love them.

Yours truly,

Dave Morefield

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