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A past blast

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Peoria, IL Fatal Whiskey Warehouse Fire, Jun 1904

Posted June 2nd, 2008 by June

Ten Men Killed By Explosion of Whisky

Warehouse of Corning Distillery at Peoria Completely Wrecked.

Many Cattle Burn To Death

Dozen Large Barns Destroyed by Fire- Six Persons Injured-Loss is $1,000,000.


"Was an Eleven Story Structure.

The warehouse where the first explosion occurred was an eleven-story frame structure. It was 100x200 feet, and contained 30,000 barrels of spirits. Another warehouse, containing the cistern room was a three-story brick building 100x200 feet. It contained in the neighborhood of 52,000 gallons of spirits. In the two fermenting rooms, which were 100x180 feet, were eighteen tubs with a capacity of 1000 bushels of mash each.

They were all filled and contained about 5000 gallons of spirits each. All this went up in flames and added to the general loss."

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