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La Maison du Whisky "Pure" Glass

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Howdy all. Just back from a cold but fun trip to Europe and made the pilgrimage to La Maison du Whisky while in Paris and wanted to give an update:

The bourbon:

I was really hoping to score one of their special bourbon or rye bottlings, but the good ones have long since been sold out. (I've heard of very nice special bottlings from Van Winkle and Rittenhouse.) Their most recent is a special bottling of Blantons, but they were out of stock at the time.

Besides that, the store is VERY Scotch biased, which I guess makes sense. They had about 50-60 different bourbons, but all stuff you could get in the US. The most interesting thing of note, was a 2006 bottle of Thomas Handy for 145 euro! Since there wasn't any bourbon I just had to have from them, I got the next best thing:

The "pure" glass:

I had read about this glass on the forums before, and thought I would like it. I like the idea of a good tasting glass, but I don't like any of them because of the dainty stems, tippy nature, and sometimes thin glass. Thus I normally just stick with a nice rocks glass.

The pure glass however is perfect!! I wish it were a little bit heavier, but overall, it is a nice hybrid between a rocks glass and tasting glass. The only catch is that they are expensive as hell!! 38 euro for two. I took the plunge however, and am glad I did. I didn't ask if they could ship to the US, but they do have a fancy website: http://www.whisky.fr/produit-2902-the-pure-glass-cof.-2-verres-g.m-la-maison-du-whisky.html

In any case, for those that were wondering, the pure glass is indeed still around...

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Whoa! Found a very close copy to this glass over the weekend for a much cheaper price!

It is called the Spiegelau Whiskey Tumbler


I see that Jeff talked about it in 2003

Picked up a set of 2 for $15. They are little bigger than the pure glass which I don't really need, but are also a little heavier which is nice. One note for the serious tasters though, the bowl doesn't neck down as much as the pure glass. Overall though, once again, a nice hybrid between a rocks glass and tasting glass.

Jeff did you ever get a set?

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