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The Rye Whiskeys of Yester Year!

dave ziegler
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I have been trying many Ryes and Nothing compares to the Old Distilled 1936 Bottled 1942 Mount Vernon Rye from Baltiomre MD that I found last Summer at a Flee Market. It is full of flavors, smooth full bodied and BIB 100 Proof! But No water or anything else needed it rolls down as smooth as a Whiskey Can. Why I ask can't Someone make a Rye Like this today? You would think with equipment of today and quality Standards that this would be easy and Yet when I drink any of the new Ryes they always disapoint me.

The Old National Distilling Rye I found brings back fond memories of my First Whiskey I ever drank at Kinsey. Our Famous Rittenhouse Rye BIB.

I wish other old timers would jump in on this I would be willing to bet that they would feel the same the new ones are good but not of the same taste,flavors and Mouth Feel of the Old Days. It was like drinking Liquid Rye bread with a Kick!

Dave Z


It Seems All The Nicest People Drink Old Hickory

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