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Classic Cask 21 yr. Rye


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Finally cracked a bottle of this the other night, and it is an absolutely outstanding rye. In my opinion, one of the best. Distilled in '81 and bottled in 2003. "Single batch" of 650 bottles, so maybe three barrels worth? I don't know if there was ever a final determination on where Doug's 22 yr. Willet's rye sourced from, but I'd bet that this is the same distillery. The same juicy fruit explosion of flavor with a lingering dry finish that never gets unpleasant or astringent. I picked up the couple of bottles I have of this because the price was good but now having tasted it, I think I'd pay higher for a couple more. Can't imagine there's much of it left out there, but I recall seeing it at around 100 bucks and that's more than most, including myself, are usually willing to pay. Now I'm not so sure. If you have a bottle, crack it and let us know what you think. Some might find it too woody. Just had another sip: Damn, that's good. Definitely in my all time top tier. Significantly better than the 15 or 18 yr I had several years back.


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