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1975---Heaven Hill---Bulk Whiskey Concept

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Unique sales plan...bulk whiskey concept

Distribution of any product nation-wide and world-wide can be a complex problem. But it isn't for Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc. because the firm has a marketing program unique for its industry.

While other distilleries sell "case goods" to wholesalers, Heaven Hill products are sold in bulk, according to Max L. Shapira, the firm's vice president for corporate planning. "Technically, we sell our whiskey to whole-salers shortly after it is barrelled.

Then we store the barrel until the customer tells us to take it out of the warehouse and bottle it according to his specifications, "Shapira explained.

Other distilleries technically own the product until it is received by the wholsaler. Shapria said the firm's sales policy gives greater flexibility and promotes stronger relations between the distillery and its customer. "It also keeps sales expenses to the minimum so we can better concentrate on the quality of our porduct, he added.

In 1942 Harry L. Homel and Oliver I. Jacobson joined with the Shapira brothers of Louisville and Bardstown, Kentucky and formulated a unique marketing method known as the "Bulk Whiskey Concept".

This concept under which the company has operated ever since and which governs the general policies of Heaven Hill Distillery has been instrumental in successfully building Heaven Hill Distilleries to their position as the largest family owned independent distillery in Kentucky.

The Bulk Whiskey Concept in its simplest form consists of selling barrels of whiskey on a continuity basis season in and season out under a protected franchise arrangement. Heaven Hill Distilleries is the only distillery in the United States to utilize this concept and it is currently in effect among over 170 distributors throughout the United States with who business relationships have existed since the advent of repeal.

Today, funtioning as executive sales agent for Heaven Hill on all product lines, Harry L. Homel continues as sales executive, assisted by his son, Leonard. The genral sales offices are maintained in Los Angeles.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Several years ago they moved their offices to Bardstown....

Jeff Homel is the executive in charge of sales....His father was Leonard Homel, his grandfather was Harry L. Homel....3 generations.....

Bettye Jo

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Where was that published and what was the exact publication date? Was that the whole article or did you clip some of it at the end? Am I correct in believing that today Heaven Hill has two books of business, the case goods business run by Max and the bulk business run by Jeff?

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This story was published in the Kentucky Standard on December 11, 1975 in Bardstown, Ky.....It is the entire story along with 3 pictures....I was a special on the 40th anniversary of Heaven Hill....I have the entire paper....

grin.gifgrin.gif Bettye Jo grin.gifgrin.gif

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