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Ginger Ales, Beers and Brews

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It's not really a cocktail, but I use it as my favorite, indeed, only mixer. Over many threads people have talked about and recommended different ginger ales, so perhaps pulling that information together in one thread might be helpful.

I'll be posting some of my notes here that I've collected.

So, what's your favorite, both stand alone and as a mixer? Share your insights on processes, brands and types.

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I've been trying out several brands lately, both for enjoying on their own and to mix in things like the Dark N' Stormy.

I prefer ginger beer to ginger ale (the latter is too weak for my tastes, though some mixed drinks work well with Fever-Tree, Blenheim, Boylan, or even Thomas Kemper or Vernor's), and natural sugar formulas to HFCS.

I need to re-visit Bundaberg (Similar to home-made, this one would probably mix well in certain drinks).

I can offer more extensive notes if need be:


Fentimans Traditional Ginger Beer (light, complex, refreshing, a classic)

AJ Stephans Jamaican Style Ginger Beer (perfectly balanced, great alone but fantastic for mixing)


Jamaica's Finest HOT HOT HOT Ginger Beer (my go-to when I'm in the mood for a painful bite; does not mix well)

Reed's Extra Ginger Brew (the pineapple sweetener gives this an unusual flavor profile, and the ginger is not as strong as I like, but I never turn it down)


D&G Genuine Jamaican Ginger Beer (Nice kick, but diminished by the corn syrup and other additives)

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