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Ready for some Montana whiskey?

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Ok friends, here's yet another unfamiliar bourbon.

Debuting in 1999, Old Montana Red Eye Limited Edition...a 6-year-old "slug of tradition" made in Helena, Montana. No other info given.

I know there's Old Potrero out in San Francisco and have seen the leather-wrapped bottle of McKendric Western Style Small Batch, from Abilene, Texas. But I'm not aware of any other whiskey 'out west'. Any word on any of these oddities? Rare gems or junk?


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Well, my first guess would be that it's awful. But then, that would have been my first guess about one- or three-year-old 100% rye whiskey made by a beer brewery in California, too, so that shows how much that's worth :-)

Do the words "STRAIGHT WHISKEY" appear on the bottle? If not, I'd expect it be just a "pop" drink made with blended whiskey (or maybe, like Southern Comfort, no whiskey at all). If so, does it say "bourbon"? For that matter, does it actually say it's distilled in Helena?

I would think from the name that it was a bottling of Heaven Hill or Barton bulk stock. "Old Montana Red Eye" probably commands a higher price than, say, "Sam's Club Deluxe". And of course, the "red eye" part may not even be intended to be mistaken for bourbon; we bourbon-heads seem to think that the term "red eye" (if it ever really did exist) referred to the color of the whiskey -- OUR whiskey, if ya please. Others just might think (for some obscure reason) that it refers to the fact that it gets you stone blind drunk cheaply and in a hurry (hopefully that interpretation doesn't reflect on our fine beverage). If it really is a product of Montana, I'd be more inclined to think it's a form of Canadian-style whiskey. After all, the difference between Montana and Alberta is only an imaginary line.



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