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President Grant's whiskey

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Nice article on Grant and his whiskey favorites:


As has been discussed, he is linked to Old Crow.....other American "Heroes"

were treated to whiskey brands in their honor:

"In 1876 the Bryce Smith Company of New

York City registered its Sheridan Whiskey

brand. Subsequently the Joseph Davis Co.

of Minneapolis applied to the U.S.

government in 1906 for exclusive use of

the general’s name for “Sheridan Rye,”

apparently ignoring the Sheridan Rye brand

being merchandised by M. Goldsmith

Company of Louisville.Even the ill-fated

General George Custer was honored with

“Custer’s Reserve Whiskey” by the

Herrscher-Samuel Co. of San Francisco."

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The principal source for the claim that Grant preferred Old Crow is Colonel Issac Stewart, who was on Grant's staff for many years. Stewart recounted the incident in the 1880s and it was published in The World (New York) on August 7, 1885. Stewart describes how Grant appropriated some of his (Stewart's) Old Crow at Vicksburg in '63 and poured himself "a whopping big drink." Stewart further asserted that it was the only time he had seen the general take a drink.

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