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(ri)1 - The Right Price

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  • 2 months later...
I had my first pour of this, this week it was poured down the sink. The nastiest tasting rye I have ever had and I like Rye whiskey.

My favorite local store dropped the price to $25 and I started scrolling this thread to see if I should pull the trigger.

After reading this, I just unloaded the gun and put it back in the cabinet.

On a similar note, it's funny that there was a thread recently on how Beam is raising prices, because I am seeing prices drop a bit. In the last week I've seen Baker's for 34, KC for 30 and KCSB for 39.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's $20-ish all around Texas (Houston, Austin, Dallas)... and still a tad overpriced.

WT101 & RITT BIB blow it away at the same price point (at Spec's it's now under $20). Given what us Rye drinkers are looking for in our profiles, this falls well outside of the "standard" desirable traits.

It's not terrible - it's just not very spicy, exciting or interesting. I want a Rye to wake me up and slap me around - this just lays there. Even old dogs like Vintage 21 and Saz 18 have more get up and go than R1 does.

FWIW: Grabbed some Bulleit Rye. Can't differentiate it from Redemption Rye, but it was $5 cheaper, so that's a good thing.

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