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Virgin Bourbon

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Do any of you know anything about Virgin Bourbon (107 proof, 6 years old)? Is it swill? I found a liquor store that had a few dusty bottles. The label states that it is distilled and bottled by the Old Boone Distillery Co., Meadowlawn, Kentucky. The label also states "This rare whisky has been bottled straight from the barrel at a full 107 proof. An old-fashioned sour mash bourbon distilled in the foothills of Kentucky. Charcoal filtered to give every drop that old mellow flavor, rich robust and hearty.... It is America's finest bourbon." (I doubt that...)

The label is black with white text. Were they trying to tap the Jack Black buyer?


Bill Legge

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A little more on Virgin, or rather Old Boone...

Meadowlawn is in Jefferson County (Louisville area) and the distillery, run by members of the Dant family, was built just after prohibition. After WWII it was bought by Marvin Padgett, who sold the bourbon as Old Boone beginning in the early '50s. Sam Cecil, whose book I got this information from, doesn't mention Virgin, but he does note that Old Boone had a major market in the Kansas/Missouri area, primarily from sales of "Old 1889", a label they purchased that originated from Kansas City. The Old Boone distillery closed in 1977.

I have a photograph of a Virgin bar display (which I've attached to this message; see the link in the message header) which I would dearly love to have an example of. It shows the bottle (yes, obviously intended to appeal to the Jack Daniel's market) in a ceramic stand which includes a whiskey barrel with all the slogans you mentioned.




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Thanks for the info. I may pick up a bottle just for kicks. I can't remember for sure, but I think they wanted about $10+/- per bottle.


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