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Nothing Better in the Market

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As far as Christmas goes this year, I don't think Santa's gonna get too high off the ground at our house. Of course I guess that's a matter of perspective , There's probably a bottle of Stagg involved . So maybe It is high off the ground indeed. I did get my grubby little mits on one item today, what I used to title this Thread. The John Ed Pearce book about Brown - Forman." Nothing Better in the Market." A little of George Garvin Brown's descriptive writing that the author borrowed from the label of Old Forester. I saw that Chuck only has a photocopy and I looked for it online. Instead of posting my findings then , I waited and got it for me. (Damn, what a swell guy!) It wasn't cheap , but I feel it was reasonable for a book copywrited in 1970. I think there still may be one available online, There's probably me and 3 other people that would want to own a copy. A couple years ago I gave myself But Always Fine Bourbon. The plan was to also have a bottle of Pappy with it , You know to really get it over the top. But I sufficed with just the book. Got the Pappy later . Maybe a sip of Birthday Bourbon would be the perfect compliment to this book. smile.gif

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