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I picked up a good one ( for me anyway) today. A four roses glass very similiar to the Riedel. It does not have the tulip shape however. It has the cluster of the Four Roses etched into the front. I sat it on our kitchen table with a small amount of Four Roses in it , with the Yellow label bottle behind and it is very striking. There are a number of these at Heartland Decanters , also some in full color. I perfer the etched version. Oh yeah, 3 bucks.

BTW as Solomon wrote, "There's no new thing under the Sun", While at Heartland Decanters I came across the inspiration for the Blanton's bottle. Bourbon Supreme, by the American Distilling Company of Pekin Illinois. This bottle is almost identical to "The Grenade" that our beloved Blanton's is served up in. The flat panels above and below the flat middle have a little more detail and form scallops all around the bottle where they intersect the fat flat middle . It was finished with a hollow glass stopper , no doubt elegant in it's day but for those of us exposed to the pewter horse and jockey, it's a little garish to my eye. It had a government tax stamp but I could not determine a date . It was a 4/5 quart . I think everyone had gone metric by the late 70s - early 80s So it predates that. I haven't heard anything one way or another about how or where BT came up with the Blanton's bottle , ( their glass supplier probably has a catalog of set pieces, Witness the Wathens, ET Lee, Weller Centennial)While it may be possible for them to have come up with it with no influence from Bourbon Supreme, if you saw this bottle you'd think it highly unlikely, no doubt as I do. grin.gif

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