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Made and Bottled in Kentucky

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Received my copy the other day and have viewed it twice now. I must say that this is a very well-done documentary on bourbon, but more importantly the people that produce it. Chuck has done a wonderful job at portraying the "human" side of this multi-billion dollar industry. I really get the feeling the the people that make the bourbon really care about what they are doing and what we think about it. It is great listening to these people, some of which will likely be gone in a few years. This video is a true testiment to their life's work and should stand as an example to the master-distillers of the future. I especially liked the footage of the 'ruins' of the L&G distillery prior to the renovation. Some of the scenes of those abandoned distilleries almost brings a tear to your eye. Great job Chuck! How about an updated edition? laugh.gif

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