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Who Knows Tell City's Story?

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I know the Park & Tilford plant in Tell City, Indiana, operated within living memory but I don't know when it closed. I also know it was the old Krogman Distillery, which was established by August Krogman in 1863. He was suceeded by his son, William, who was married to Claudine Voelke, daughter of Frederick Voelke Jr., owner of the Tell City Brewery. William ran the distillery up to Prohibition. I don't know who brought it back after prohibition (the Krogman family?), just that Park & Tilford bought it in 1941.

Tell City is on the Ohio River about 30 miles upriver from Owensboro.

I believe Roy Beam and his son, Charlie, both worked there. Charlie ended his career at Four Roses.

Who knows more?

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Schenley gained control of the distillery when they bought Park and Tilford in the early 1950s. They closed it down in the 1960s and when Chris and I drove by the place in the 1990s the distillery building was part of their sewer treatment plant.

Mike Veach

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