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Invented 5 minutes ago: The Mannhattaine

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A good German friend of mine is here right now in Germany, and I decided to create a cocktail with my Booker's. It's a good bourbon, I think, and not cheap. But I thought... why not? I call it the Mannhattaine (because of the French cassis).


1.5 shots Booker's

0.5 shots Sweet red vermouth

0.5 shots Dijon Cassis

1 dash Angustura bitters

Toss it all into a shaker. Give it a couple shakes. Pour into martini glass.

We both like it! Please let me know what you think, and if I inadvertently ripped this off from someone without knowing.

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A cocktail geek would suggest that you stir this cocktail rather than shake it so the texture is smoother (no little bits of broken ice or needless air bubbles) and the drink remains clear.

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I had completely forgotten about this drink until these bumps... thanks! I'll try it again tonight. But stirred this time. :)

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