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A change of opinion regarding Ill. wines

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Damn! I lost the whole post and I don't want to retype the whole thing, but I want to start a discussion.

Have any of our Ill. residents tried the offerings from Lavender Crest Winery in Colona?

I'm very favorably impressed with Ritt's Reserve and Miche Sepi.


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Ah, Colona, Il..in my old area, but I am unfamiliar with the winery. We have a nice wineshop in town that stocks IL produced wines so I will have to take a look. Most often, those wines are sold locally. Did you find them outside the QC area?

This is their website:


Miche Sepi

Cabernet Sauvignon, Marechal Foch and De Chanauc......not very familiar with the last two.



Ritt's Reserve

Chambourcin.....again, not real familiar with this variety.


A little surprised not to see Norton grapes....also known as Cynthiana....a very common midwest & eastern variety.


It is good they have found grapes that are relatively unique and successful for that area.

The whites are typical of midwestern wineries....Vignoles and Seyval.



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