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Yeah, I didn't know WTF it was either!

Read a story in the local weekly paper about one opening here by the end of the month. Apparently, they offer gourmet culinary condiments, fruit vinegars, exquisite oils, selected wines, exotic liqueurs and fine and rare spirits, all sold straight from the cask. They also allow you to sample anything before you buy it.

Has anyone been to one of these? Can I really buy some bourbon/scotch/rum "straight from the cask" or do they empty a bunch of bottles into their own casks, as I suspect? How many "samples" am I allowed?!


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They have one of these here in NOLA, and I was not impressed. It seems targeted towards the gift market as opposed to hobbyists. They have an unremarkable selection, and if you do buy something, it's going to be marked up about 30-50% compared to a 750ml. I guess it might be worth it if you want to try something without buying a whole bottle, and no bars carry it. They only had a few whiskeys when I went. If I recall correctly, they had Laphroig 10, Aberlour a'bundah, Redbreast, and some mid shelf bourbon. They have them arranged in their own 5 gallon casks, with a little tap installed. So you are not buying it from the cask that it was aged in.

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