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Bonnie Brothers

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I'm currently restoring an 1837 barn that has been the family farm for 166 years. While removing some old wood around the stalls, I found a glass 1/2 pint bottle that had embossed in the glass, "Bonnie Bro's, Louisville, Ky". The bottle has a glass and cork stopper with the remnants of a tax lable. I've found other bottles from different era's in the barn also. Aparently the only place to drink with peace and quite (some things never change). Curiosity has the better of me, and I'm trying to find out something about this disillery and the general year. Has anyone heard of Bonnie Bro's or a website I can check? When did they stop using glass/cork stoppers? Funny, that 170 years later and we still love our Bourbon. Jerry

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