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Favorite Glass?

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On 12/20/2015, 6:34:50, R-Savage said:

I want a couple of these for my Glass Collection. What a great looking glass.




These look like SMWS glasses...

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My favotite glass has bourbon in it

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3 hours ago, tdwester said:

I really like the "Perfect Whiskey Glass". Not expensive, good feel.



Where can I buy one? When I Google "perfect whiskey glass", everything but that one comes up...lol.

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My wife and I had a very long day Saturday. We decided to order carryout Italian for supper on the way home. While we were waiting for our food, we took a look see at a resale store next door. I bought a glen cairn there for $0.75. ;) Had someone else's initials on it, or the previous owner was an accountant. Initials on the glass were CPA. :D


Cheers! Joe

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