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In case anyone's interested, I got the following from the malts-l

mailing list, and I thought I'd pass it on. I'm sure you all have

your own opinions of Whisky Magazine...

"I need to know of all collector's out there who deserve coverage from Whisky Magazine. All fanatics, nuts, zealots and people who have nothing better to do than spend all of their money on the greatest drink in the world.

Please let me know either by response or emailing david@paragraph.co.uk


David Stirk"

and then also...

"Similar to knowing all about the collector's I also need to know about the upcoming festivals. If we don't know about them we can't promote them and I do try my best to keep abrest of all that goes on.

Please let me know about any tastings, events, festivals or gatherings and I will do what I can and what Whisky Magazine can to promote it.


David Stirk"

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