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Chuck Cowdery's article in the Malt Advocate

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Thank you Chuck for the excellent job you did on our family! I know it was difficult trying to fit all the history into a few pages. I will keep it forever in my folder and pass it down to my children.

Sincere thanks,

Bettye Jo

P.S. My (Grandfather) "Pop" Beam in on page 41. First on the left known as Harry Milburn Beam.

He died in a car wreck in Vine Grove, Kentucky on October 2, 1972.

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It's really good, Chuck. And the delayed publishing paid off, too. Flanked on either side by two other articles concerned with whiskey history, the story of America's whiskey dynasty does a very good job of maintaining bourbon's importance in the world of brown liquor.

So now what can you tell us about the Ripys?



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